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Eliminate the SAT Says Murray

He is always controversial.

With that stated, social scientist Charles Murray proposes in an article in The American magazine that it is time to abolish the use of the SAT for college admission purposes. That push appears to be a contradiction from Murray’s past position where he promotes the I.Q. test as a measure of aptitude.

In his article, Murray states it is time that college admissions offices reject the SAT and substitute other knowledge specific standardized tests.

According to The New York Times, Murray has begun thinking about a book on higher education, titled “Simple Truths.” According to the Times, Murray has four simple truths: “ability varies; half of all children are below average; too many people go to college; and the future depends on how the gifted are educated.”

Murray is well-known for two earlier books. The first, “Losing Ground” (1984), argues that welfare perpetuates dependency, and the second, “The Bell Curve” (1994), argues that those who get ahead in America are blessed with greater intelligence than those who are not so blessed.


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